Englischnacht der 7c und 7d

Kurz nach den Sommerferien hatten die Klassen 7c und 7d gleich ein erstes Highlight im Schuljahr: Zusammen mit ihren Englischlehrerinnen Frau Jordan und Frau Schmidt veranstalteten sie ein "sleepover" im Neuen Haus in Barntrup. Hier sind ihre Berichte:

On 21 August we did our English sleepover in the Neues Haus in Barntrup. It was great. We arrived at 6 o'clock. First, we brought our food to the kitchen and sat down. Then we ate dinner. The menu was really delicious, we could eat brownies, bread, cake, fruit and lots of other sweets and normal dinner-food. Then we split into three groups. Some guys were doing a water fight in the garden, another group of boys was playing foosball ('table football') with Mr Jordan and the girls were doing something in their room. After that we had a choice: Either we could do what we wanted, so for example play billiards or cards, or we could watch a film. The films we could watch were 'Harry Potter', 'Hunger Games' or 'Need for Speed'. So then some guys were watching 'Need for Speed', while the others were downstairs. Downstairs one group was playing poker and another group played 'Who am I?' with Ms Schmidt and Ms Jordan. At 1 o'clock finally everybody was asleep.

But all the boys woke up at half past six. They listened to music and had a pillow fight. At 9.30 am we did an English breakfast with porridge, eggs and toast. It was really delicious, mostly the porridge. After that, the boys played poker again and the others played foosball again, too. A few hours later we had to pack our things and everybody went home.

I think that everybody had fun and we really should do something like this again.

Constantin Economu, 7c


On Friday the 21st till Saturday the 22nd of August we slept in the Neues Haus in Barntrup.
Friday: First we visited our rooms when we arrived at the Neues Haus. Then we made dinner of the things which we all had brought there. The dinner was very nice. After dinner we all divided and did different things e.g. watched movies, played poker or danced to the music in the partyroom. It was a lot of fun and everyone had something that he liked to do. At 23:30 we all had to go to bed.

Saturday: We all woke up very early because we were so full with energy. Then we went downstairs but all the teachers slept and Mrs. Jordan said: “Go up to your rooms.”,  so we went up to our rooms. After one hour we went downstairs again. Then we all made breakfast together. That was nice because it was an English breakfast with scrambled eggs, porridge and sausages. After that we packed our things. At the end of our English sleepover our parents came and we went home.

It was a very good idea of the English teachers because that was a lot of fun!

Joel Stolz, Tim Jokers, Noah Klingenberg and Tobias Jäger from 7d


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